Stewardship of the Word, or:
How the Truth ought to be dealt with once obtained

"No good is effected by compromising the principles of the truth;  and to deny that Jesus came in sinful flesh, is to destroy the sacrifice of Christ."--Bro. Thomas, The Christadelphian Vol. 7 1870, Pg. 17 "Fellowship in the Truth"

"When a person opposes any one element of the truth, it is virtually an attack upon the truth as a whole."--Bro. George Moyer, The Advocate Vol. 2 1886, Pg. 121

" The Just, in their onward course, are always found on the side of God's word, believing, obeying, and advocating it, not contradicting and explaining it away, and applying contemptuous epithets to those who plead for it.  This is the course of the wicked or unwise, who walk in that non-exclusive, but broad and open, way that leads to destruction."--Bro. Thomas, Herald of the Kingdom, Vol. 5 Pg. 223

"I believe we have been too indifferent towards those who have been in error, and those who have been regarded as in error, rightly or otherwise.  Do you think it is ever right for us now to cease striving to 'gain thy brother' and to 'convert the sinner from the error of his ways'?  Is there anything more incumbent upon us?  Do you think we can perform any other duties to God acceptably while this is neglected?"--Bro. Williams, Advocate, April 1902, Pg. 95: "A Plea for Action"

"If I just talk in generalities, nobody really knows what I’m talking about.  So I feel that if a Brother writes a book and distributes it from Dan to Beerseba, then I can comment on it in a place like this with impunity."--Bro. Ted Farrar at the New Mexico Bible School in 1984; Class 5 on "The Elements of Sacred Prophecy" at 11:30

"One of the practical reasons we need love, and we need to develop love, is to deal with problems when they come about with ourselves and with those in the household.  Now notice we are saying dealing with problems.  Now, we are not saying that love should allow us to overlook problems, or to be willing to tolerate problems, but we're talking about dealing with problems.  But, we must deal with them in a way that will reflect this deep feeling of love of which we speak when we use the term Agape."--L. E. Parker at the New England Bible School in 1977;  Class 4 of "The Believer in the time of the end" at about 6:00

"Better far, to break granite on the roadside for a crust of bread, than garble God's Truth to please one's friends”--Bro. John Thomas

"The less you know about the Bible, and the less you know about God, the more open you are to all the kooky theories that are coming along."--Bro. Ted Farrar at the Arkansas Bible School in 1977; "Importance of a belief in the Creator at about" 17:00

"Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate"--Amos 5:15