Prophecy:  Interpretation, not speculation.

"The 'stone' which smites the 'image' accomplishes that work of destruction whilst it is still the stone; it does not become a 'kingdom' until later, when - the wind of heaven having swept away the dust of the demolished image - the stone becomes a great mountain, and fills the whole earth!"--Bro. Albert Hall, 1951, "From Eden to Eden"

Following 21 "Irrefutable Propositions" supported by proof texts concerning latter day events, which were presented in Zion, KY in 1859, Bro. Thomas makes the following comment:
"Having read these propositions, we stated that they were irrefutable.  We did not offer them as opinions, but as fully assured convictions; and without hesitation we then and again challenge one and all of the people's spiritual guides, under any penalty they may choose to impose upon us if successful, to shake them if they can."
Herald, Vol. 9, Pg. 273

"Prophecy draws aside the veil which hides coming events, and lays open the scenes of the future."