Various Online Christadelphian Literature

Below you will find literature of interest to Christadelphians and those interested in finding out more about the Truth and Christadelphians.  Some of the works listed below may not be by Christadelphian authors, but may be of interest for reference.  These will be noted. 

We highly recommend that you obtain the works below for your personal library.  They will prove to be very helpful to the seeker of truth. 

=Newest additions

Foundation Works

Original (1877) Statement of Faith

The Key to Bible Understanding - Bro. O.L. Dunaway

After being out of print for over 20 years, this work from Bro. Dunaway's latter years is available again in print.

This would be a good book for those with no previous familiarity with the truth.  The perfect follow up to a Great Salvation.

Though we disagree with a few of the prophetic conclusions reached (the identity of the frog-like spirits, the timing of Russia's invasion, and fulfilment of some prophecies relating to Israel), we believe the discerning reader will not be confused by these, nor do we believe these affect the value of the book in its first principle teachings.
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Elpis Israel
Bro. John Thomas' first work.  A detailed Exposition of "The Hope of Israel", which is the only hope.  Courtesy of the Republic, MO ecclesial website.

The World's Redemption
Bro. Thomas William's greatest work.  A thorough exposition of the first principles of the faith, followed with answers to objections.  Courtesy of the Monroe, LA ecclesial website.

The Doctrine of the Atonement
Bro. J. J. Andrew's fine exposition of the subject, published in 1882 by Bro. Robert Roberts, editor of the Christadelphian Magazine.  Bro. Roberts said of it in the notice of its publication "It is the most excellent thing that has been published on the subject".  (Christadelphian Vol. 19; 1882; Pg. 616)


Bro. Thomas' exposition of the Apocalypse.  Not very easy to navigate, but handy for short reference.  Courtesy of the Bereans.

A Unique Interpretation of Nebuchanezzar's Image
Bro. Thomas' exposition of the subject from 1852.

The Elements of Sacred Prophecy
Bro. Ted Farrar's overview of the subject.   A fine synopsis, though we disagree with his interpretation of Eze. 37 and the addition of a distinct battle between Christ and the Arabs.

Various Subjects

Faith and Works
An article by Bro. J. J. Andrew from 1871 in which he provides a sound exposition of the subject.  Will provide light upon a subject shrouded in darkness by more contemporary writings such as "Legalism vs. Faith" and "The Judaizers: Another Gospel".  Bro. Andrew's article is highly recommended to any who may be subjected to the fallacious reasoning found in the works of David Levin, Kyle Tucker and the Shofar Magazine.  From the Christadelphian Magazine.

A section from "The World's Redemption" (Pgs. 368-376), reproduced in the pamphlet "The Devil, his origin and end" (Pgs. 24-33).  That pamphlet is found in "Selected works of Thomas Williams" (Pgs. 290-299), published by the Richmond Hall ecclesia in 1974.  In these pages the subject of demons, spirits and the casting of them out by Christ and the apostles is succinctly explained with irrefutable arguments against the heathen notion of personal demon possession.  Intended as a rejoinder to Tom Farrar's latest whim (though written over 110 years ago), which affirms the aforementioned heathen superstition.


A short article detailing the Pagan origins of "Christmas".  Should be of interest to any who observe Dec. 25th with the usual pomp.