The practice of the Apostasy

"It is essential to a man's contentment, if not his happiness, to be engaged in something, either for himself, or for an object dearer than self.  When he works for himself, he works according to the flesh and is found in harmony with its principles, and in sympathy with falsehood and the enemies, or lukewarm proffessors of the gospel.  Among these he preaches 'union and peace', irrespective of purity of faith and practice, and has a good word and fair speech for all save the uncompromising adherents, tried friends and advocates of the truth.  He looks at these with an evil eye, and hypocritically and maliciously curses them with 'faint praise;' and with pious grimace, deplores their exclusiveness and want of 'charity and love'."--Bro. Thomas, The Ambassador Vol. 6, 1869, Pgs. 65-66

"There is a quantity of this cheap, easy, and worthless religion in the world.  It is the devil’s counterfeit.  It is the bogus currency with which he defrauds countless dupes.  The Rev. Mr. Bell’s method is interesting.  When he appears before an audience, he does not begin by preaching a sermon and end by singing a hymn.  He preaches a few moments, then sings a verse or two; next preaches again a few moments, then sings a little more; next preaches, then sings, and so on to the end.
What kind of salvation is it into which the Rev. Frederick Bell has sung so many sinners?  As his songs seem to be of the sentimental, emotional, pathetic sort, we presume that he stirs up these feelings in his hearers, and that they have a sweet sense of enjoyment which they take to be the experience of religion.  If this be Bell’s salvation, it is the devil’s counterfeit.  True religion is something else than sentimental indulgence, and true conversion is something more than the Bell business.”
“It is not a thing that can be sung into any man, though the singer twist his music into the notation of despair.  Does Bell sing men and women out of their evil lives, ways, and passions?  Does he sing out their malice, avarice, and deviltry?”
“Jeremiah, Isaiah, and the other austere prophets of Israel, did not operate on the sinners of their times by singing ditties to them in twisted music.  They proclaimed the great truths of the divine law in those sublime words and tones which, after rolling through the ages, are yet powerful over the human soul.”—The Christadelphian Vol. 13, 1876, Pgs. 189-190

"They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly"--Amos 5:10

Celibacy of the Clergy

In light of the recent developments with regard to the clergy of the Catholic Church, we present this article from the Herald of the Kingdom.  It identifies the root of not only their pedophilia problem, but all the other atrocities they have been able to bring themselves to commit against the population of the earth.