The position of The Christadelphian Advocate

The following will represent what the original editor, Bro. Thomas Williams, determined the purpose and tone of The Advocate would be, and where successive editors and commitee members have stood in relation to the original position. 

"There are some who will scarcely move when they know the house is on fire over their heads.  This is an inexcusable indifference, and an attitude that is far from becoming on the part of such as have an interest in the house.  The house of God is our house, and every true and faithful inhabitant of that house will be "exercised" when he knows there is danger.  Some will rush with headlong speed in response to false alarms sometimes, and there will always be indifferent ones that will laugh at them, and taunt them with having more zeal than knowledge, but when the alarm bell is sounded and there is even a possibility of the house being in danger, if in such a case, zeal does get a little beyond knowledge, it is excusable.  That would not be just the time to sit down and study the best scheme for organizing a fire department.  Better run with all your might, even though your movements may not be very graceful, and put the fire out, if there be any, and then when safe from that threatening calamity, become exercised thereby to improve for the future.  If there is anything that God hates, it is the neither hot-nor-cold condition.  Zeal, industry, perseverance, and energy in the cause of truth are pleasing in His sight."  Bro. Williams, Advocate Vol. 1 Pg. 185-186, Oct. 1885

"In accepting this responsibility I am not called upon to formulate a basis, to make a platform, or to introduce any new thing. If I were not in full sympathy with the attitude, and principle of the magazine when founded, I could not conscientiously accept the invitation of The Advocate Committee. Accepting that, my plain duty is to carry on, in the same spirit, the work to which The Advocate is dedicated. In the conflict with many minds, as to the policy to be pursued, this may not at all times be easy to perform. My great love for the founder of this magazine, and deep appreciation of his work, nobly performed, together with a thorough conviction that his attitude, and ours, relating to the First Principles of the Oracles of God, is the only reasonable course to maintain; thereby to safeguard the Word of God in matters of doctrine and fellowship, will, however, stand by me in any circumstance which may arise calling for a defense of the Gospel."  Bro. Albert Hall, upon assuming the position as Editor of The Christadelphian Advocate, March 1925, p. 80.

"The purpose and objectives of the present Committee remain unaltered from those of 1885.  This we will continue to do if God permit."  Bro. Ted Farrar, Dec. 1991 Advocate editorial, following a condensed form of Bro. Williams statement of the pupose of The Advocate in the first issue. 

Dynamism, however, is not seen as a desirable characteristic of a fraternal magazine.  We do not believe that we should foster new movements and a multiplicity of changes.  We perceive our function to be the defense of the truth found in the Scripture; the stimulation of interest in Scripture study by exposition; the direction and encouragement of commendable walk through exhortation and the maintenance of communication between ecclesias.  K. G. McPhee; Advocate Nov. 1985 Pg. 302; In an article listed under "Policy"